“This is a critically important time for the LA Legislature.  During our next session, we will welcome 19 new members to the senate and, through term limits, lose some of our most experienced & effective legislators including State Senator JP Morrell.  I am committed to support this transition in the senate and support the policies and legislation that will move Dist. 3 and our great state forward. 

I’m asking for your support, please vote Joe Bouie for Senate Dist.3 and the state of Louisiana. You vote, WE win!”

“From the Calliope to the Capital”

A native of New Orleans, born at “Big Charity,” educated in public schools, reared in public housing (The Calliope), who earned bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees. That’s the story of Joe Bouie. He was determined to beat the odds for himself and his family and then make a difference for the people of his community.

After a successful career in education, administration and community service, he asked the voters of Dist. 97 to allow him to serve them in the Louisiana State Legislature and they said YES! 

During his first term, Rep. Bouie was elected Chair of the Legislative Black Caucus and served on the House Ways and Means, and Education and Municipal Committees. 

He authored legislation and fought for criminal justice reform, equal pay for women, equity in college admissions standards and justice and equality for our LGBT citizens. 

He championed the effort to return our public schools to the duly elected Orleans Parish School Board. As a result, all public schools in Orleans Parish have returned to the governance of the Orleans Parish School Board.

He serves as a floor leader for Gov John Bel Edwards and has built relationships across party lines that are essential to the passage of bipartisan legislation. 

He’s currently serving his second term as State Representative for District 97. 

He has always been there, providing evidence-based solutions and serving as a community problem solver. 

Joe “gets it,” better than most. He knows that the crime that plagues our community is brought about by poverty, the absence of quality education, affordable housing, training, and jobs. 

“This is a critically important time for the LA Legislature.  During our next session, we will welcome 19 new legislators and lose, through term limits, some of our most experienced legislators.  I am committed to support this transition and to continue to the work of our current Dist. 3, Senator, JP Morrell. “

Joe firmly believes that education without God makes one just a clever devil. He is a member of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church where he makes joyful noises in the Men’s Choir.

He’s married to Leslie and is a father and grandfather. As he has said many times before, If not now, when? If not us, who?


Please vote Joe Bouie for State Senator Dist. 3. YOU vote, WE win!